Iveta Ķešāne



Iveta Ķešāne joined the faculty at Academy in 2014. In the spring of 2016, she earned doctorate in sociology from Kansas State University. Her interests include and intersect development, culture, emotions, migration, and state-society relationships. As a researcher she worked at the Baltic Institute of Social Sciences where she did research on immigration, emigration, integration, as well as education. Iveta is a co-author and author of several research reports and papers about these themes. Currently she is working on publications which are based on her dissertation ”Symbolic structure of the post-Soviet transformations in Latvia and emigration: avoiding shame and striving for hope and confidence”. Her dissertation examines emigration from Latvia towards the West in the context of post-Soviet transformations and the state-society relationships these transformations have cast. She has presented her research at conferences in Latvia, Poland, Germany, Sweden and the USA.

COURSES TAUGHT: Introduction to sociology, Introduction to political science (together with Anda Laķe and Juris Goldmanis), Modern sociological theories, and Development sociology.

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