Inga Pērkone-Redoviča


Biography, film researcher, leading researcher of the Scientific Research Center, Head of the theory specialization of the Bachelor’s study program “Audiovisual Art”. Former director of the Riga Film Museum (1993–2004) and the Chief custodian of the funds (1988–1993).

Author of the books: “You, the great evening sun! Essays on Modernism in Latvian Films” (2013), “I can just love ... The Image of a Woman in Latvian Films” (2008), “Cinema in Latvia. 1920 - 1940 ”(2007) and co-author of “ Reality of productions: History of Latvian Actor Cinema ”(2011), author and compiler of the collection of scientific articles“ Te-Ki-La ”of the LAC (2010-2013), member of editorial board of the periodical“ Kino Raksti ”, member and author of many publications, compiler and co-author  of the international electronic collection of articles “KinoKultura. Latvian Issue” (2012), etc.

Organized the International Summer School of Film History in Riga (1995; 1998; 1999), the World Conference of Latvian Cinematographers (1990), international conferences, including the latest: “The Idea of the Leftism in Culture. Password - Asja” (2015), etc.

LECTURE COURSES: History of World Cinema, Introduction to Cinema Theory, History of Latvian Cinema, Theater and Cinema Criticism Seminar, Theoretical Aspects of Cinema History

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