Stage Acting (Specialty in Puppet Show Acting)


Course Brief

Budget and fee chargingstudy places: The studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture may be funded from the national budget of the Republic of Latvia in the tender procedure, if the international applicant is a citizen of the EU, EEC, Swiss Confederation citizenor a permanent resident of the EU, provided that the applicant’s knowledge of the Latvian language corresponds to the CEFR level A2 (for further information please see: Otherwise the applicant is entitled only to the fee charging study places.

Full-time studies: 4 years (8 semesters)

Received degree: Bachelor of Arts

Language of Tuition: Latvian


The goal of this subprogramme is to academically and professionally prepare actors with a specialty in puppet show acting. 

This program is aimed towards humanitarian and  artistic studies, and it strengthens and reaffirms the abilities of puppet actors, both in acting and the general knowledge of puppet acting.

Puppet acting is a specialization that involves knowledge about its methods and history,as well as theater history in general, and it is a major that involves skills in acting, set design, leadership, speaking, and production.        

This program is partnered with the Latvian Puppet Show in Riga. This partenership allows puppet actors to gain academic and artistic knowledge about puppet acting. Students also have an opportunity to work with international students.

It is imperative that prospective students in this field have graduated from high school, have an interest in Latvian and overall European culture, and have an interest in theater and set design (which will be used specifically for puppet shows).    

This undergraduate program lasts four years (8 semesters). The 7th and 8th semesters involve projects such as creating shows and performing them in the Riga Puppet Theater, where professional puppet actors will help the students improve their work. 


  • Introduction to the Theory of Culture
  • Semiotics of Culture
  • The History of Philosophy
  • Western Philosophy of the 20th Century
  • The History and Theory of World Theatre
  • The History of Latvian Theatre
  • The History of Puppet Theatre
  • Foreign Language (English, German, French)
  • Styles and Methodology of Puppet Theatre
  • The Technique of Puppet Making and Puppet Playing
  • The Theory and Practice of Acting
  • The Methodology of Stage Speech
  • Stage Movements
  • Stage Dance
  • Solo and Ensemble Singing
  • The Fundamentals of Acrobatics and Stage Fight
  • The History of Latvian Literature
  • Internship

The applicant should be a holder of a Secondary Education Certificate.

The criteria on which the competition for the study places is based upon:

A) The applicant takes the English (or French, or German) foreign language examination at the Latvian Academy of Culture during the entrance examinations.

B) The mark(s) in the first language and literature is/are registered based on the Secondary Education Certificate’s Academic Transcript.

C) The applicant has to pass a 4 part exam in puppet acting ability and vocal acting ability

1) The applicant takes an examination in stage movement, speaking/singing, and musical talent

2) The applicant presents 3 literary works that differ in style (prose fragments, poetry, fables, etc.)

            3) The applicant must perform an act that the professor commission assigns

4) The applicant must have an understanding of puppet acting in Riga, as well as the history of puppet acting. He/she should also show an overall interest in acting and puppet acting.

Jānis Siliņš

Latvijas Kultūras akadēmijas profesors (no 1998. gada), Eduarda Smiļģa Teātra muzeja vadītājs, Latvijas Kultūras akadēmijas rektors (2004-2014). Bakalaura studiju apakšprogrammas „Dramatiskā teātra aktieru māksla” vadītājs, latviešu teātra vēstures pētnieks un svētku režisors.

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