Audiovisual and Performing Arts

Annual admission

Category: Master Studies

Course Brief

✔ Language of Tuition: Latvian

✔ Full-time graduate programme

 Number of budget and paid study places: To be specified

 Tuition fee per year: To be specified

 Duration of studies: 2 years (4 semesters)

 Degree to be obtained: The Master of Arts in Audiovisual and Theatre Arts

 Place of study: National Film School of the Latvian Academy of Culture (17 Elijas Street)

 International mobility opportunities: Studies, internships and graduate internships within the ERASMUS + exchange programme, opportunity to use foreign government scholarships and participate in summer schools

 Head of the programme: Prof. Zane Kreicberga


The programme aims to provide unique, in-depth insight into the fields of audiovisual and performing arts and the interaction between those fields, thus ensuring fully interdisciplinary studies that would focus on excellence and innovation in research.


The programme offer a choice of three fields of study: Audiovisual Arts, Performing Arts or Contemporary Dance with specializations in theory, drama, stage directing, film directing, choreography, cinematography, stage acting and stage and cinema production. The programme is based on the idea of using interdisciplinary approach both in research and in creating works of art. The programme pays special attention to research and encourages student collaboration in projects and masterclasses. The structure of the programme offers a good balance of theory and practice, as well as wide opportunities for the students to design their own study curriculum and gain international experience. 


Graduates of this programme will have gained in-depth knowledge, skills and competences necessary to create artistic and theoretical works in the fields of audiovisual and performing arts. They will be proficient in understanding the historical development different theories and practices in humanities and arts, as well as will be able to apply this knowledge in their creative and research work. They will have gained both local and international contacts, thus building their professional network. Graduates of this programme will be able to work in interdisciplinary and international wide-scale artistic and research projects, as well as to continue their studies at the doctoral level.


✔ Theoretical fundamentals of arts and humanities

The theoretical courses, such as Interdisciplinary Aspects of the Theory of Culture and the Anthropology of Art, Research Methodology and Academic Writing, The Genesis of Artistic Creativity and The Legislation of Cultural and Creative Industries provide the academic foundation and prepare students for the elaboration of their MA thesis.

✔ Theory of audiovisual and performing arts

A variety of courses is offered to strengthen the knowledge on the theory of audiovisual and performing arts, e.g. Theories and Concepts of Contemporary Audiovisual and Performing Arts, The Theory of Drama, Modern Drama and Literature, Techniques of Narrative and the Art of Film Editing.

✔ Theory and practice of the specialities of audiovisual and performing arts

Courses such as Performing Arts and Cinema in Latvia: Stages, Trends, Personalities, Theory of Dance, Drama of Theatre and Cinema, Seminars on the Theory of Thematic Field, Creative Workshops of the Speciality and Speciality Practice offer knowledge as well as practice on the specific fields of Audiovisual Art, Theatre Art and Contemporary Dance.

✔ Work placement

During the whole study process, students must obtain two work placements, which take place in a company or organisation in the field of audiovisual and performing arts. Combining the practical work during work placements with the theoretical skills gained during the lectures, students will be able to get acquainted with the specifics of creative and cultural industries, build their professional network and learn about their own interests and abilities to apply after graduating.

Department of Performing Arts / Department of Audiovisual Art

The Head of the Programme: prof. Zane


Zane Kreicberga

Mg. art. Zane Kreicberga strādā Akadēmijā kopš 2000. gada, sākotnēji kā skatuves kustības pasniedzēja aktieriem un režisoriem, bet kopš 2010. gada aptverot arī laikmetīgā teātra teoriju un menedžmentu. Viņa ir viena no nu jau leģendārā aktieru un režisoru kursa absolventiem, kas Pētera Krilova un Annas Eižvertiņas vadībā pabeidza Akadēmiju 1997. gadā.

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