Contemporary Dance


Course Brief

Budget and fee chargingstudy places: The studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture may be funded from the national budget of the Republic of Latvia in the tender procedure, if the international applicant is a citizen of the EU, EEC, Swiss Confederation citizenor a permanent resident of the EU, provided that the applicant’s knowledge of the Latvian language corresponds to the CEFR level A2 (for further information please see: Otherwise the applicant is entitled only to the fee charging study places.

Full-time studies: 3 years (6 semesters)

Received degree: BA in Contemporary Dance


The programme’s objective is to traincontemporary dance artists (choreographers, dancers, researchers) at the Bachelor’s level, who would be theoretically and practically educated, employable,and capable of thinking independently and creatively.

Bachelor’s degree holders in Contemporary Dance will be competitive professionals in the field of dance both in Latvia and abroad, as well as motivated towards professional development, further education, creative and research work.

During the course of studies the students will receive a comprehensive education in the field of the Arts, integrated theoretical and practical knowledge in the disciplines of contemporary and classical dance, as well as theories of epistemology of the body and movement, methodologies and techniques in the discourse of contemporary dance. The students receive knowledge in the fields of literature, arts, music, history and theory of philosophy, as well as acquire the courses of study that impart integrated theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of dance: Composition and Choreography of Modern Dance; Technique, Theory, Methodology and History of Contemporary Dance; Functional Anatomy; Feldenkrais Method; Acting and Directing; Yoga, Taijiquan, and Aikido.

The students are being taught not only by the teaching staff of the Academy, but also by the teachers from different countries of the world. The students have a possibility to participate in the international creative and educational projects, incontemporary dance events that take place in Latvia, and in international festivals. Within the framework of the programme, the students have a speciality internship organised in the professional environment in collaboration with different dance companies, theatres, concert organisations, educational institutions, etc.

  • Introduction to the Theory of Culture and to Research;
  • Cultural Semiotics;
  • Introduction to Arts and Philosophy;
  • The History and Theory of World Music (Music of the 20th Century);
  • The History and Theory of the World Theatre;
  • The Technique, Theory, Methodology and History of Contemporary Dance;
  • The Composition and Choreography of Modern Dance;
  • Theory, Methodology, Techniques and History of Classical Dance;
  • Theory, Methodology, Techniques and History  of Classical Modern Dance;
  • Improvisation and Contact Improvisation;
  • Feldenkrais Method;
  • Functional Anatomy;
  • Theories of epistemology of the body and movement, methodologies and techniques in the discourse of contemporary dance: Yoga training introductory course, Chen Taijiquan training introductory course, Aikido;
  • The Psychology of Personality;
  • Basis of Law;
  • History of Latvian Literature;
  • History of Latvian Theatre;
  • The Fundamentals of Acting and Directing;
  • English;
  • World Film History;
  • Character Dance;
  • Voice in movement;
  • Second foreign language;
  • Speciality internship;
  • Free choice subjects for 8 credit points (12 ECTS).

In order to apply for the studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture the international applicants are required to:

NB! Before applying for studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture the international applicants are required to undergo the procedure of recognition of their secondary education certificates at the Academic Information Centre (for further information please see:

  • Fill in the application form;
  • Show their passport or identity card and hand in its copy;
  • Submit three photographs  (3x4 cm);
  • Submit the bank receipt proving that the registration fee of EUR 15, – has been paid to the following account:
    • Bank account specifications: LatvijasKultūrasakadēmija
      • Registration number: 90000039164
      • Valstskase, TRELLV22, LV60TREL9220020000000
      • Payment order: 21359_reģistrācijas maksa_Name_Surname

The international applicant should be a holder of a Secondary Education Certificate.

The criteria on which the competitionfor the study places is based upon:

1) The applicant takes the English (or French, or German) foreign language examination at the Latvian Academy of Culture during the entrance examinations.

2) The mark(s) in the first language and literature is/are registered based on the Secondary Education Certificate’s Academic Transcript.

3) The applicant takes a creative examination (in three rounds): classical and modern dance techniques, composition, and improvisation (NB! the examination procedure is carried out in the Latvian language).

Evaluation criteria for the creative examination: the applicant’s ability to understand and to perform the givendance material, ability to improvise, creative and physical potential, ability to collaborate, and interest in dance arts in Latvia and in the world.

Gunta Bāliņa

Horeogrāfe, dejotāja, dejas pedagoģe. Latvijas Nacionālās operas baleta soliste (1971–1994), baleta pedagoģe – repetitore (no 1993. gada), V. Gončarenko kamerbaleta soliste (1990–1992). Kopš 1994. gada docētāja Latvijas Kultūras akadēmijā.

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Ramona Galkina

Horeogrāfe, dejotāja, docētāja R. Galkina ir Akadēmijas pasniedzēja kopš 2003. gada, pasniedz Feldenkraisa metodi RPIVA un Moderno deju un laikmetīgo deju J. Vītola Latvijas Mūzikas akadēmijā (2004-2013). Aktīvi darbojas Latvijas laikmetīgās dejas jomā kopš 1996. gada.

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Olga Žitluhina

Horeogrāfe, dejotāja, Kultūras akadēmijas bakalaura studiju programmas “Laikmetīgās dejas māksla” vadītāja, „Olgas Žitluhinas dejas kompānija” mākslinieciskā vadītāja, Starptautiskā laikmetīgās dejas festivāla „LAIKS DEJOT” - mākslinieciskā direktore.

Horeogrāfe izrādēm: poētiskās dejas traģēdija „Viens un Divi” (2014) „Daiļslidošana” (2013) „Breikeri arī runā” (2013), „Ārā” (2013), rokoperai „Lāčplēsis” (2013), „Pie bagātās kundzes” (2013) „Saules taka” (2013), „Mazāk domāsi, ātrāk skriesi” (2012, „Ursus maritimus” (2011), „Divpadsmitā nakts” (2010), „Aplam” (2010) un daudzām citām.

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