Elīna Vikmane

Guest lecturer


Elīna Vikmane (Mg.sc.pol.) Is a doctoral student of the Latvian Academy of Culture program “Cultural Theory”, researching the social role of Latvian museums. She is a Board member of the Latvian Museum Association, Board member of the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art and expert in the field of cultural heritage of the State Culture Capital Foundation.

At the Latvian Academy of Culture E. Vikmane manages and develops the international academic Master’s study program “Cultural Heritage Management and Communication” started in 2020, as well as has coordinated the establishment of the professional education program “Work with the Museum Collection” (160h).

In 2021 she was elected to the Scientific Research Center of the Latvian Academy of Culture. Works on research “Priorities, diversity, distribution and role of digital innovations in the sustainable development of Latvian museums in 2020 - 2021 ”(implemented within the framework of the competition“ Development of Scientific Activity at the Latvian Academy of Culture ”) and the Art of Nationalism: Social Solidarity and Exclusion in Contemporary Latvia (No. lzp-2020 / 2-0118) (implemented within the framework of 2020 call for scientists’ individual projects in the field of  fundamental and applied research, funded by the Latvian Science Council).

Recipient of the “Emerging Scholar Award 2021” of the Inclusive Museum Research Network.

LECTURE COURSES: Social, economic and political processes in the cultural sector; Current issues of cultural heritage, its management and communication; Research methods and academic writing

Member's Courses

Cultural Heritage Governance and Communication Next admission in 2022 / studies in English