Application for Doctoral Study Programme “The Arts”(sub-programme “Theory of Culture”) in the Latvian Academy of Culture from August 15 untill September 1, 2017


Application deadline: September 1 (beginning of studies - September 4)
Duration: 3 years

Study Fee: 1920 Euros per year

Requirements: Successfully completed Master’s degree or any equivalent diploma that qualifies for applying to doctoral studies according to the Latvian Higher Education Act and has been issued in such fields of studies as Sociology, Humanities, Cultural Studies, Business Management or similar specialization.

Study Process

The studies within the Doctoral study programme are organized as meetings with the supervising professor based on mutual agreement, typically once or twice per academic year.

During the studies doctoral students have to pass two qualifying examinations:

  1. Theory of Culture
  2. Foreign Language (usually English)


Registration Procedure

To register for the Doctoral studies, please submit the following documents in English or English/German languages:

  1. A copy of your passport or ID card;
  2. A copy of your Master’s (MA) diploma;
  3. Curriculum Vitae;
  4. 3 to 5 pages long substantiation of the envisaged dissertation thesis along with its theoretical framework. The substantiation should be prepared with the possible research adviser (a member of the academic staff from the Latvian Academy of Culture) and signed by both the applicant and the adviser;
  5. A reference letter from a member of the Latvian Academy of Culture’s academic departments or an appropriate specialist from another research or academic institution;
  6. Three photos (3x4cm);
  7. Proof of paid registration fee (20 EUR in 2017) in a form of a bank receipt;
  8. Copies of published research papers;
  9. Any other documents that provide relevant information about the applicant’s research and/or academic activities.

The required documents should be submitted by post or by e-mail to the Study Department of the Latvian Academy of Culture (Ludzas Street 24, Riga, Latvia LV-1003; ) and to the directors of the Graduate School: Prof. Dr. Eugen Buss ( and Prof. Dr. Dagmar Reichardt (


Selection Procedure

The Selection Committee of the Latvian Academy of Culture organises a competition taking into account the applicant’s results presented during his/her Master’s Studies and the professional interview held after the application procedure. If the applicant is not able to attend the professional evaluation interview it is possible to arrange a skype meeting instead.

The interview is held with the purpose of evaluating the preliminary plan of the envisaged dissertation and the scientific capacity of the applicant: his/her ability to integrate the preliminary plan with the appropriate form of presentation; his/her reasoning and argumentation abilities; his/her competence in the issues related to the fields of Humanities and the Arts; his/her preliminary work of the envisaged dissertation paper, such as: publication of research articles, participation in conferences, preparedness of the dissertation plan or of the dissertation paper itself.

The Selection Comitee of the Latvian Academy of Culture then passes a decision to enrol the applicant for the Doctoral studies.


NB! When applying for studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture the international applicants are required to undergo the procedure of recognition of their Master’s diploma at the Academic Information Centre of Latvia (for further information please see: The original study agreement is signed when the applicant arrives in Riga and presents a valid passport or ID card, the Master’s diploma (original document) and the statement of the Academic Information Centre.