Erasmus International Dinner


Last Friday, our Erasmus students had a great chance to get to know each other's cultures by tasting their national food and drinks at the International Dinner event. Besides the dinner, students were happy to share popular songs, artists and traditions of their country.
Thanks to Latvian students from "Cits Skatu Punkts", we got introduced to the Latvian folk dance Cūkas Driķos, Song and Dance festival traditions, kvass and pīrādziņi.
Dinner menu:
🇱🇻 Latvia- pīrādziņi, kvass, garlic bread, Jāņi cheese, potato pancakes
🇫🇷 France- croissants, baguette with brie
🇨🇳 China- Chinese noodles with chicken
🇰🇿 Kazakhstan- Chak Chak, Kazakh chocolate, Kazakh Baursak
🇩🇪 German - German potato salad
🇸🇰 Slovakia- potato pancakes, cocoa cake with cottage cheese fillin