September in Zemgale


On September 12 recently arrived Erasmus students and their Latvian buddies visited one of the regions of Latvia - Zemgale. On the borders of Selonia and Semigallia provinces stands the richest miller’s homestead and farmin the whole land: ‘’Speltes’’ or ‘’Ausekļa dzirnavas’’ (“dzirnavas” – mills).  students visited first. It boasts old-fashioned technical equipment, machinery, countless household items from the 19th century and different epochs of the 21st century. Rows of old tractors, including most popular Soviet kolkhoz caterpillar, sewing, threshing, forging equipment, all in working condition and is used time to time during spring and autumn festivals.

Before visiting the next object, Erasmus students and their Latvian godparents participated in different games to get to know each other better.

The next in the programme - road to the most impressive palace ensemble in Latvia – fully reconstructed Rundāle palace of Courland Dukes, lovingly dubbed ‘Semigallian Versailles’. Various representation rooms like Golden hall, White hall, Large gallery, ducal official apartments could be admired during the Short Route.

Students enjoyed also the French style gardens of the Palace, moving through the maze of alleyways and partiers.

As final stop - Brewery in Bauska. Students had a chance to observe the brewing process during locally guided excursion and were treated to the freshly made ‘’Bauska beer’’.