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Course Brief


Full-time undergraduate programme

Tuition Fee*: 2100 EUR/ per year

*Citizens from countries that have signed an agreement with Latvia or offer scholarships for Latvian citizens can apply for the Latvian state scholarships. For more information and the list of eligible countries visit:

Language of Tuition: Latvian

Duration of studies: Four years

Degree: The Bachelor of Arts

The programme aims to train academically and professionally well-rounded performers with a diverse skills base, who recognises their own talent and creative ability.
If you cannot choose what to become – an artist, a detective, a historian, a psychologist, a journalist or a scientist - all of these professions can be combined into one - become an actor.
In 2018, the programme will be provided in cooperation with the New Riga Theatre. Thus, studies will be organized both at the Theatre house of the Latvian Academy of Culture Zirgu pasts (46 Dzirnavu Street) and at the temporary residence of the New Riga Theatre Tobacco Factory creative quarter (58A Miera Street).
The programme focusses on both the acquisition of professional skills in the field of stage acting as well as on the personal development of each student, thus equipping them with the skill-set needed to become a professional actor; continually stretching and challenging each student to reach new levels of personal achievement and self-discovery.
General required (part A) and speciality based required (part B) study courses cover three directions: 
  1. Acquisition of the skills and abilities of acting (acting, voice training, stage movement, stage dancing, etc.); 
  2. Personality development (culture theory, cultural semiotics, art history, etc.); 
  3. Self-awareness (self-analysis and tasks for self-examination).
Graduates of the programme are shaping the field of theatre art in Latvia. They are able to blend the theory and practice of acting processes and integrate them into their performance. Therefore, they are thoroughly prepared, with the confidence and competency to take on any role on stage. 
Graduates of this programme have gone on to craft successful and inspiring careers across the entire spectrum of the industry, including the best known actors of the New Riga Theatre such as Andris Keišs (graduation year 1997), Baiba Broka (1997), Kaspars Znotiņš (1997), Iveta Pole (2004), Inga Alsiņa (2003), Gatis Gāga (2005), Jana Čivžele (2007), Kristīne Krūze (2007) and others.

Stage Acting

The courses included in the study programme allow students to develop the art of stage acting at theoretical, methodical and practical level. Students have the opportunity to work in the professional theatres of Latvia also during the study process thus demonstrating their abilities to apply technical skills to professional practice.

Theoretical fundamentals of arts and humanities

Students acquire the ability to orient themselves in different typologies and periodization systems of culture, as well as familiarize themselves with the different concepts of culture and art, thus gaining an understanding of the different principles of aesthetic thinking.

All applicants must submit:

1) A completed application form;

2) A copy of passport or identity card (the original should also be presented);

3) A copy of the secondary education certificate together with the academic transcript of records (the original should also be presented)*;

4) A copy of the secondary school centralized examination certificate with results in Latvian and English (or German or French as a foreign language) (the original should also be presented)*;

5) Two photos of the applicant (3x4 cm);

6) Printout of the payment order for the applicant’s registration fee of 20.00 EUR

*Before applying for studies at the Latvian Academy of Culture the international applicants are required to undergo the procedure of recognition of their secondary education certificate at the Academic Information Centre (for further information please see: )


The admission tutor may request academic references at a later date as well to help make a decision on your application.

Please make sure that your application is received within the application period. 

All applicants are evaluated based on their results in:

  • The secondary school centralized exams in English (or German or French as a foreign language)* and Latvian**;
  • The auditions carried out during the application period at the Latvian Academy of Culture. The auditions consist of three rounds. Each round is evaluated independently on a scale from 0-100 points. In order to continue through the audition process, the applicant must receive at least 40 points in each round.

Round 1 – The Speech and vocal audition

Each applicant gives two monologues, different in genre and style - a passage of prose and a poem, as well as performs a song without musical accompaniment of their own choosing. After the audition, the applicant is asked several questions about culture and art in Latvia.

Criteria for assessing the first round of auditions (on a scale from 0-100 points):

The choice of literary material, clear dictation, vocal talent, the ability to interpret, logically and creatively, the literary material, knowledge and comprehension of cultural issues in Latvia.

Round 2 – The Acting audition

Under the supervision of the admission commission all applicants carry out several acting tasks and exercises both independently and in groups.

Criteria for assessing the second round of auditions (on a scale from 0-100 points):

The ability to perceive the task, the ability to concentrate and be attentive, imagination and the ability to be creative; the ability to interpret the given task; the ability to work in groups.

Round 3 – The Interviews

Under the supervision of the admission commission, each applicant carry out an individual creative acting task, as well as engage in a conversation with the commission members about the issues of culture and arts.

Criteria for assessing the third round of auditions (on a scale from 0-100 points):

The ability to perceive the task, imagination and the ability to be creative; the ability to interpret the given task, knowledge and comprehension of cultural issues, the ability to express thoughts in a clear and organized manner.

*International applicants and applicants who have completed their secondary education abroad and have not taken the state centralized exam in English (or German or French as a foreign language) can take it on the spot at the Latvian Academy of Culture during the application period.
**International applicants and applicants who have completed their secondary education abroad are required to register their average mark in their Mother Tongue and their average mark in Literature, which are both recorded in their secondary education certificate.

The Head of the Programme: assoc. prof. Zane Kreicberga,  

The Head of the Course: Creative Director of the New Riga Theatre, Alvis Hermanis

For more information regarding the programme and the application

Zane Kreicberga
Asociētā profesore

Mg. art. Zane Kreicberga strādā Akadēmijā kopš 2000. gada, sākotnēji kā skatuves kustības pasniedzēja aktieriem un režisoriem, bet kopš 2010. gada aptverot arī laikmetīgā teātra teoriju un menedžmentu. Viņa ir viena no nu jau leģendārā aktieru un režisoru kursa absolventiem, kas Pētera Krilova un Annas Eižvertiņas vadībā pabeidza Akadēmiju 1997. gadā.

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