Anita Vaivade

Assistant professor


Anita Vaivade, Dr. art., has been teaching at the Latvian Academy of Culture since 2006, when she started her doctoral studies after obtaining a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences and Philosophy of Knowledge, University of Paris IV Sorbonne and a Master’s degree in Theory and history of law at the University of Latvia. In addition to her duties as Head of the Culture, Communication and Information Sector at the Latvian National Commission for UNESCO (2006–2012), Anita Vaivade defended her doctoral thesis on the topic “Conceptualizing Intangible Cultural Heritage in Law “(2011).  Her studies of cultural heritage law fostered joining the International Association for the Study of Cultural Heritage and Artistic Rights ( Together with legal scholars of France she implemented a comparative research project on the national law on intangible cultural heritage, Osmose (https: //, delivering lectures and seminars in this field at universities in France, Estonia, Finland, Sweden and other countries.

Anita Vaivade has headed the Latvian delegation to the UNESCO Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (2013–2015), joined the global network of intangible cultural heritage experts in 2017 at the invitation of UNESCO and cooperated with the UNESCO Secretariat in Paris as a consultant. Anita Vaivade currently heads the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Policy and Law department ( established at the Latvian Academy of Culture and implements the postdoctoral research project “Intangible Cultural Heritage as a Resource for Sustainable Development in Northern Europe: Rights-Based Approach” ( Insight into her latest publications:

  • Cornu, Marie, Anita Vaivade, Lily Martinet, Clea Hance (Eds.). Intangible Cultural Heritage under National and International Law: Going Beyond the 2003 UNESCO Convention. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020.

  • Vaivade, Anita. ‘Article 13 Other Measures for Safeguarding. Developing Intangible Cultural Heritage Policies and Legislation at the National Level. In: Blake, Janet and Lucas Lixinski (Eds). The 2003 UNESCO Intangible Heritage Convention: A Commentary. Oxford University Press, 1995. pp. 200–217.

LECTURE COURSES: for Master’s program students - Cultural Heritage Law and Ethics, Special Course in Cultural Semiotics; for Bachelor’s program students - Culture and Law, Semiotics of Culture; for Erasmus program students - Cultural Heritage Studies, International Cultural Policy.


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